Furniture Students get sculptural…

We sometimes think that the Furniture lads that come to us for Drawing classes each Friday think we are a bit nuts! Each week we set them a challenge and in fairness they rise to it each week even if they give us strange looks! This week we asked them to bring in a selection of leaves and twigs and they had to construct a chair.

When they completed their chairs they then had to draw them. Some of our own students were a tad jealous with this task! Lots of interesting reactions from the Fashion and Art students! Not sure the Furniture lads appreciate the tasks as much as our own crew! The main thing is that their observation and drawing skills are coming on week to week and I think they are secretly loving it!!

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Fashion Students Black and White Illustrations for Design


Fashion Level 5 Students are working away on their Design Skills Module where they are illustrating using white on black.  They are learning how to render different fabrics and produce a series of Illustrations. Busy studio this week!

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Black and White Assignment

The Art and Design portfolio Group B students and Fashion students are working on a 3D exercise for Collage and Painting.

They are being asked to create a 3D version of their individual items in plaster and photograph it against a white background and against a black background.

They must then create 2 collage pieces based on these photos. The Art students must also paint their photographed items. This is an excellent exercise exploring light and shade and all the tonal qualities captured in their 3D pieces.

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Furniture Students get inventive!

Furniture Design students were set a brief to make 3D constructions out of nuts/bolts and wire in class.

They then had to photograph and draw them. They did think it was a ‘strange’ exercise but deep down they really enjoyed it!

They arrive in our studio for one morning a week and we have managed not to scare them off yet! It is a class that encourages them to ‘observe’ and draw what they see in front of them rather than what they ‘think’ the item looks like.  We have seen great improvements in their Drawing skills in the few weeks they have been attending.

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Colour Schemes for Design


Students were introduced to the many colour schemes available to them as Artists/Designers.  The Art Group B Group are looking at Monochromatic/Complementary/ Analogous/Triadic/Tetradic/Split Complementary/Double Split Complementary/Achromatic and Neutral colour schemes.

They are being asked to create colour story boards for each scheme to show their comprehension of the terminology.  This creates a strong body of work for assessment and a good understanding of the colour vocabulary that they will need in the future.






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Drawing Class: Day 1

The Art and Design Group B and the Fashion students started Drawing their first portfolio item in class.  The theme is ‘Struggle’ and we are looking at the struggle of an organic item when it rots and decays.  The students will document the stages of decay through their drawing and combined materials classes.

We usually start up with warm up drawing exercises to loosen everyone up and these consist of Continuous Line and Blind Drawings using various different media on various different paper surfaces.  It was a busy morning!

The next stage for students is to explore media that will suit their chosen items.  How do they record the colour and texture using a mixture of media? All development is recorded through photos and sampling and documented into their Idea Development notebooks.

We also had the pleasure of the Furniture Design students who join us on Fridays for the Drawing class.

We look forward to seeing the work that will be produced and inspired by this first step in the process of completing a portfolio!

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1st Textiles Day

Great day today starting textile notebooks and setting up Tapestry frames. Busy studio with students familiarising themselves with the wonderful array of yarns that we are very lucky to have!

The students spent the morning creating colour mood boards that will be the starting point for their 1st textile samples.

We look forward to seeing the development of their textile work!

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