3D Modelling

Interesting brief where Art students model their chosen items using plaster of paris.  We keep each piece white and photograph against both white and black backgrounds.  They then have to do observational paintings based on these images.  They need to capture all the lights and darks using only black and white paint!

Some examples shown above and paintings in progress!! Will update as they evolve!

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Design Class

Art and Design students working on their Texture Notebooks today in class.  Their brief was to photograph various ‘Textures’.  They could be close-ups of rust, old walls, peeling paint, bark of trees etc…

They have to extract all the colours that they see from their photos and document them on the pages.  They also have to recreate the textures using various media and present all their findings on notebook pages.  Again, this is an excellent exercise in observation skills and also presentation Design skills.  How they arrange all the elements on the page can show what kind of Designer they are.

This notebook makes a fantastic addition to the finished portfolios as it showcases many skills for each student.

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Furniture students sculpting from nuts and bolts!

Our first year having Furniture Design students in the studio for Drawing classes.  I think they think we are all a bit ‘nuts’! Excuse the obvious reference!

The brief was to construct something out of nuts and bolts and wire and then they had to draw it! They had more fun constructing needless to say but it was an interesting assignment to help them observe more closely.

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Dismantling items

Busy few weeks in the studio developing ideas for portfolios.  The students are dismantling their items and working through their ideas in Drawing and Combined materials class.

Some very interesting arrangements coming out! This will develop further into their portfolios and they will examine all aspects of their items to showcase their observational skills.  Colleges assess these skills closely and it is very important that students understand colour, texture, form, function etc..

It is a very good exercise in observation and the students start to look at things very differently!

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Creative Spark 3rd Level Print Competition

Last Years Group B ended the year in particular style sweeping this competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Creative Spark 3rd Level Print Competition!

Prints were completed in class as part of their portfolio work that was submitted to NCAD, DIT, IADT. LIT and Newry.  Each student chose an item to work with for their portfolio work and explored it using various media one of which was print.

June Connell won 1st prize for her print studies of her Hawthorn branch and she won a years membership to the Creative Spark print studios in Dundalk.

Katie Reynolds and Alex Nulty both came 2nd and 3rd respectively and won a full days access to the print studios.

This is a new competition for Creative Spark and DIFE Art and Design B were delighted to be part of it. They hope this becomes an annual event which gives DIFE a chance to retain their fantastic record!

We would like to take the opportunity to wish all 3 students every success in their future studies and look forward to following their progression.

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Dublin Canvas Project

Congratulations to recent graduate Katie Reynolds who was involved in the Dublin Canvas Project this summer.  Titled ‘Fish out of a Bowl’ Katie was assigned a box outside St. Annes Park on the Watermill Road in Dublin.  Artists had to submit a proposal and Katie was chosen to paint a box.  Katie will begin her studies this year in The National College of Art and Design and proved herself to be an exceptional candidate for 3rd Level.

We would like to wish her every success in her studies in NCAD and know that she will excel at 3rd Level.

You can check out some of the other Artwork on Dublin Canvas Facebook page.

Dublin Canvas is an idea, a project intended to bring flashes of colour and creativity to everyday objects in the city.  Less Grey, more play!  The project takes previously unused public space and transforms it into canvases to help brighten up the city.  It is making Dublin a more beautiful place to live, work and visit and it gives Artists the opportunity to showcase their work.

#dublincanvas #dublincitycouncil #artdublin



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New Academic Year


If you could go back to College…..What would you do??? We offer courses in Art, Craft and Design and Fashion and Textiles.  You have the opportunity to create a portfolio of work to submit to the 3rd Level colleges of Art.  You also have the opportunity to explore new techniques and media to develop your skills.

We have some places still available on these courses and you can apply on-line at : http://www.dife.info

Students will commence classes on the 11th September so there is plenty of time to get your application in.  We provide a comfortable studio environment to help you grow and create your individual portfolio of work. We look forward to welcoming our new groups and working with you during the upcoming year.

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