NCAD Results are in!


Huge excitement in the studio yesterday when NCAD letters started coming in! The first arrived early and we had to wait throughout the day for students post to arrive which wasn’t an easy thing to do!

We are thrilled to say that every single student that applied to NCAD was successful in one or more of their chosen disciplines with the highest score of 825.  We therefore have a 100% success rate this year.

All college results have been received at this stage with some students sitting with 3 or more options to choose from.  Every college applied to this year has deemed our students successful at the portfolio stage of application.  We are extremely proud of each and every student this year as yet again it proves that with hard work and determination they can produce a portfolio of work that represents them individually and is successful at the calibre that the 3rd Level Institutes expect.

We would like the thank each of the 3rd Level Institutes of Art and Design for the fantastic grades and feedback that they have given our students.  The biggest challenge for them now is choosing the course that best suits them! Will it be NCAD, DIT, IADT, LSAD or Crawford?? Its a nice position to be in!


The studio is on the countdown to the Easter Holidays which only highlights how little time we have left with this years groups.  Everyone is busy getting projects finished and ready for final assessments in early May.  Some students need to achieve a full Award in QQI with a minimum of 5 distinctions to secure their portfolio places for next year so it is busy!

We would like to congratulate all the students on the Art and Design (Group B) and Fashion courses for their amazing results and wish them every success in their final assessments.

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Robert Ballagh Art Awards


What a wonderful evening celebrating the best of what the LMETB has to offer in the Arts!  We had 3 winners from DIFE in the Further Education category.


Irina McAuley


Ciara McGrory


Aoibheann Birch

Irina McAuley(Fashion Group) who came 1st with her piece ‘Urban Decay’, Ciara McGory(Art Group B) who came 2nd with her piece ‘Skyline’ and Aoibheann Birch(Art Group B) who came 2nd in the Photography section with her piece ‘Rooted’.

The exhibition runs until the end of March in the Drogheda Arts Centre.

Huge Congratulations to all the winners!

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DIT Portfolio Results are in!


Great excitement in the studio yesterday when DIT emails started to come in.  Students had dropped their portfolios into DIT on the 5th March and we have been eagerly waiting for results.  Our students generally apply to the following courses in DIT: Fine Art, Visual Communications, Interior Design and Visual Merchandising.

We were thrilled with this years results with the majority of students achieving full marks in the portfolio assessment.  DIT grade out of 600 marks so it is a fantastic achievement to attain full marks! We are very proud teachers!

We have had students travel to Crawford in Cork and IADT this week so it has been hectic rearranging portfolios and at the same time trying to get QQI work completed.

We await patiently for NCAD results and are hoping that students will get their letters in the next week or two.

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DIT Deadline Complete!

Huge Congratulations to our Art and Design Group B and Fashion Design students who dropped in their portfolios to DIT this week.  They have been working hard to complete work specifically for DIT after collecting the portfolios from NCAD during Midterm.  It has been extremely busy in the studio and quite disjointed with students travelling in person to the different colleges.

DIT offers an array of specialised courses and our students have applied for courses such as: Fine Art, Visual Communications, Interior Design and Visual Merchandising.  We have many graduates progress onto DIT and the portfolios generally do very well at the assessment stage of application.

We still have IADT to prepare for and we also have some students travelling to Cork and Limerick in the next couple of weeks. At the same time we need to complete all QQI work for final assessments so it is still busy in the studio.

We wish all our students every success in their portfolio applications and we wait patiently for results to come in and see where everyone will progress to next year!


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LMETB Robert Ballagh Art Awards

We are delighted to announce that the results came in for the LMETB Robert Ballagh Art and Photography competition yesterday and we secured a 1st and 2nd place in the Further Education category!

download (8)

(Aoibheann Birch: Rooted)

We would like to congratulate Irina McAuley and Ciara McGrory who submitted for the Art category.  We would also like to congratulate Aoibheann Birch who won 2nd prize in the Photography category.

There will be an opening Exhibition in the Drogheda Arts Centre on the 14th March and the Exhibition will run through until the 28th March.

We will update with photos on the night.

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Portfolios galore!


(Work by Eimear Rourke)

Students in the Art and Design Group B and Fashion and Textile Design Groups are busy working on completing their portfolios for our upcoming NCAD deadline which is next Friday the 8th February.  They have completed their CAO applications with the help of our wonderful Guidance Counselling team outlining their college preferences and are now pulling all the previous few months of hard work together.

It is a hectic couple of weeks before our first deadline as we all work together to present the best of each individual students work.  They have produced a vast body of work since September and it is a testament to their dedication to this course how well the portfolios are looking.  We always tell them at interview that their lives are ours for the few months that we have them and if they commit and work hard it can be seen very clearly in their work.  Have no regrets about the time you spend in DIFE!

The time they have with us in the studio is short but the students develop close relationships with teachers and their fellow students.  It is a productive and encouraging environment to work in and considering they may continue on together to complete their specialist degrees it is a solid foundation for friendships.


(Work by Lauren Gribben and Ciara McGrory)

Once the students drop their portfolios into NCAD we have a week before we break up for midterm.  This too will be a busy week as they start new projects aimed at the other Colleges of Art and Design.  The next deadline will be DIT in early March so it leaves the students with a short window to complete new work specifically for DIT and the other colleges.  Once we get the portfolios back from NCAD it is time to reorganise and rejig the work.  It continues to be a busy time with students travelling the length and breadth of the country delivering their portfolios to the different colleges but we still need to focus on getting the QQI Assessment work complete.

We are very lucky to have a student teacher on placement with us this year and she has been a wonderful help at this busy time! She has brought her expertise in Art and Design but also from her career as a professional Visual Merchandiser into the studio and we hope our students will learn alot from her.  It is fantastic to have the collaboration of many minds when it comes to the Creative Arts so we would like to thank Cathy Deegan for her input and help these last few weeks!


Finally we would like to wish all our current students in the Art and Design (Group B) and the Fashion and Textile groups all the best with their portfolio submissions in the next few weeks.  We as teachers are extremely proud of you all and we want you to be very proud of yourselves too and know that it is an absolute privilege to work with you all.

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Open Day


We had a very successful Open Night and Open Day recently in The Drogheda Institute of Further Education.  Our students are very busy completing portfolios for our upcoming NCAD deadline and we had a busy studio for prospective students to visit.

Students were on hand to show their work and talk with anyone that popped in to see what we do in the Art and Design Group B and the Fashion and Textile group.  It was a busy couple of days and we had lots of interest in the courses.

Our online application form is on our website and the college is taking applications for our upcoming interviews.


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