Textile Designers of the Future!


(Lucy Modelling Design work by Jennifer Reilly)

The Woven Textile Module is developing nicely in the Studio.  Students are designing their own personal range of handwoven fabrics that can be used both in Fashion or Interiors.  The starting point for this project is working from an inspiration which usually evolves from their portfolio work.  They design some colour options for their collection and then make their warp for the loom.

We work on 4 shaft looms which allow the students to experiment with various patterns.  Once they have decided on colours and yarns the students set up the looms and start sampling.  It is a very satisfying process from yarn to finished samples and a great addition to their portfolio of work.

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Orientation Exhibition

Wonderful Exhibition entitled ‘Orientation’ in the Drogheda Arts Centre. A collection of local artists collaberating together to present a fantastic body of work.

Using mediums such as print, painting, collage and sculpture it presents a variety of creative works that engage the viewer.

Curated by Dorothy Smith, the exhibition is the result of her meeting with and talking to many artists in the Drogheda area.

“Orientation celebrates and desires to bring attention to the range and wealth of artistic work being produced in this compact area.” (Dorothy Smith)

Congratulations to all the artists involved!

The artists exhibiting include:

Els Borghart, Vivienne Byrne, Anthony Collins, Leo de Freyne, Nuala Early, Laura Gramzow, Brian Hegarty, Raphael Hynes, Kieran McNulty, John Moloney.

Well worth a visit!!

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NCAD Open Day 2017

Students have been visiting colleges for Open Days recently so that they are more informed about what progression routes are open to them.  Most of our students went up to DIT last week for their talks and portfolio clinics and they will head up tomorrow to NCAD to see what course options are available.  IADT held their Open days last Friday and Saturday and again it gave our students the opportunity to explore what IADT have to offer.

It is a busy time for our students getting their portfolios ready for upcoming deadlines and the studio is buzzing with students getting work ready.  This term has been integral in developing ideas and many students have started to mount their work for their portfolios.  Career Guidance staff have visited the studio to talk about the CAO Application process and students have to think about their options for next September/October.

It can be an overwhelming time not knowing where you would like to progress to but we have a very knowledgeable staff that can offer help and guidance and direction.


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Furniture Design Chair constructions from Leaves and Twigs

Armed with a collection of leaves and twigs the furniture design students had to construct a chair using only wire.  It is an interesting brief that allows them to be creative at a miniature level while at the same time considering design and structure and aesthetic appearance of their ideas.

They then had to draw the finished chairs and look at illustrating form and structure while keeping in mind the scale of their designs.

Plenty of good concepts….will upload more when completed.

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Graduation Class of 2017

Huge Congratulations to the Class of 2017 who officially graduated in the TLT Theatre in Drogheda on Friday.

It was fantastic to see all our former students again since they left us last May.  Most are in their 1st year of degree programmes and it was great to hear how they are progressing in their studies.

We have graduates in NCAD, DIT, IADT, Letterkenny, Liverpool, SRC in Newry and Maynooth University. Many of our students had numerous college offers to choose from after completing the portfolio preparation course with us in Fashion Design or Art, Craft and Design.  Courses they chose vary from Fashion, Textiles, Product Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Visual Merchandising, Fine Art print, Fine Art painting, Education, Visual Communications and highlights the diversity of progression routes available to our graduates.

We are very proud of all our graduates and wish them every success in their future studies!! Great afternoon had by all!

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3D Modelling

Interesting brief where Art students model their chosen items using plaster of paris.  We keep each piece white and photograph against both white and black backgrounds.  They then have to do observational paintings based on these images.  They need to capture all the lights and darks using only black and white paint!

Some examples shown above and paintings in progress!! Will update as they evolve!

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Design Class

Art and Design students working on their Texture Notebooks today in class.  Their brief was to photograph various ‘Textures’.  They could be close-ups of rust, old walls, peeling paint, bark of trees etc…

They have to extract all the colours that they see from their photos and document them on the pages.  They also have to recreate the textures using various media and present all their findings on notebook pages.  Again, this is an excellent exercise in observation skills and also presentation Design skills.  How they arrange all the elements on the page can show what kind of Designer they are.

This notebook makes a fantastic addition to the finished portfolios as it showcases many skills for each student.

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