Woven Textiles scarf project

Some wonderful woven creations happening in the studio! Students develop design ideas from their portfolio themes and design and make handwoven samples on the looms that we are very lucky to have in our studio.  As part of their module they learn about fibres, yarns and the different patterns that they can explore on the looms.

We are also very lucky to have a fantastic collection of very high quality yarns that the students can choose from when they start to design.  Thanks to our connections in industry and with particular thanks to Mucros Weavers in Killarney we are the envy of many other colleges.  The Art Group B and Fashion students are therefore able to produce commercially viable woven designs.  It is a great foundation for any students that are particularly interested in Textile Surface Design(NCAD).

We are busy compiling all work for our upcoming deadline for NCAD and portfolios are looking fantastic.  Students are working hard and putting in the hours that are required to meet this deadline.  Their portfolios will showcase the many skills they have attained in the short time that they have been with us and represent each students individuality.

From Drawing, Combined Materials, Collage, Painting, Textiles, 3D, Graphics, Design Concepts, Fashion, Fine Art, Print, Illustration, Ceramics the array of skills displayed is very varied! We are very proud of the commitment our students are putting into their portfolios and want to wish them every success when they submit to all the colleges of Art and Design in the next coming months.

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Christmas Holidays at last!

download (1)

Last day in the studio before we break up for the Christmas Holidays! Class Kriskindle so pressies  and goodies galore to finish the term in style.  The studio has been looking like a bomb hit it the last few weeks so we had a big clean up so we can come back fresh and ready for the mania that is January.  We are coming closer to our 1st big Portfolio deadline which is NCAD at the beginning of February.

It has been a very productive term and most students have many pages completed and mounted for their portfolios.  They leave with ticklists to have ready for their return and those that have been especially organised wont have that much to do so can enjoy their Xmas break! We have a wonderful group of students that are working very hard to get their portfolios done and we hope to have a very successful year.

We would like to wish all our students in the Art/Craft and Design group B and Fashion group a very Happy Christmas and an even better 2019!

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DIFE Graduate wins DIT Scholarship


Huge Congratulations to former DIFE Art and Design Group B graduate Lijuan McQuillan on winning the Mont Kavanagh Scholarship Award recently in DIT.  Lijuan is a 2nd year Fine Art student and began her journey with us by creating her portfolio which she then submitted to DIT.  Lijuan excelled in all her modules when she completed her QQI Award with us and gained very impressive portfolio results when she submitted her portfolio to the various colleges of Art and Design.

Eight talented DIT students of Architecture, Architectural Technology and Fine Art were recognised for their work by the Mont Kavanagh Trust in partnership with DIT Foundation. Trustee Architect Brian Hogan presented the awards at a celebration held in DIT Linen Hall.

The Mont Kavanagh Awards were established at DIT in 2016 following a generous donation from the Mont Kavanagh Trust. The annual awards will support and recognise talented and committed DIT undergraduate students and new graduates in Architecture, Architectural Technology and Fine Art. The awards will identify the ‘ones to watch’ and support both existing students on their educational journey and new graduates as they launch their careers.

We are extremely proud of Lijuan and will definitely be watching her progression in DIT and hope that she has a very successful future career ahead of her!

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Urban Decay Collage Project


Some fab things happening in the studio with the Fashion and Art and Design Group B groups. They are currently working on a Collage project called ‘Urban Decay’ for their portfolios.

Each student had to take their own photos of what Urban Decay meant to them. They then had to explore the images using mixed media Collage techniques to create their pieces.


We are especially busy getting portfolios ready for application to the 3rd Level Colleges of Art and Design with NCAD being our first portfolio deadline. All students must have their work ready by the beginning of February so we are on a serious countdown!

There is amazing work happening in the room and each student is starting to see the hard work paying off.


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Furniture Students get sculptural…

We sometimes think that the Furniture lads that come to us for Drawing classes each Friday think we are a bit nuts! Each week we set them a challenge and in fairness they rise to it each week even if they give us strange looks! This week we asked them to bring in a selection of leaves and twigs and they had to construct a chair.

When they completed their chairs they then had to draw them. Some of our own students were a tad jealous with this task! Lots of interesting reactions from the Fashion and Art students! Not sure the Furniture lads appreciate the tasks as much as our own crew! The main thing is that their observation and drawing skills are coming on week to week and I think they are secretly loving it!!

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Fashion Students Black and White Illustrations for Design


Fashion Level 5 Students are working away on their Design Skills Module where they are illustrating using white on black.  They are learning how to render different fabrics and produce a series of Illustrations. Busy studio this week!

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Black and White Assignment

The Art and Design portfolio Group B students and Fashion students are working on a 3D exercise for Collage and Painting.

They are being asked to create a 3D version of their individual items in plaster and photograph it against a white background and against a black background.

They must then create 2 collage pieces based on these photos. The Art students must also paint their photographed items. This is an excellent exercise exploring light and shade and all the tonal qualities captured in their 3D pieces.

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