NCAD Degree Shows 2018

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(Work by Simone Everitt: Textile Surface Design)

Wonderful morning pottering around NCAD seeing the Graduate Shows which included a few of our own DIFE graduates.  Huge congratulations to all our Graduates who completed Degree programs recently in LSAD, DIT and NCAD.

(Work by Sheila Finamore: Textile Surface Design)

(Work by Patience Uba: Textile Surface Design)

(Work by Sarah McAlevey: Education)



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Extern Examiner visits Studio


We were delighted to have our External Examiner visit the studio today and go through all the work that students have submitted for final QQI Assessment.  We have a huge body of work to go through but she was delighted with the standard of work submitted by our students and even more impressed to hear of the success of our recent Exhibition.

As regards National Standards we are right on track and she felt that the work submitted was excellent.  We are very proud of this years graduates and we wish them every success in the next exciting chapter of their future careers.  Now all we need is the studio cleared out and ready for next years incoming students! Students will pop back in the next couple of days to round up all their work and head home with the satisfaction that they have completed their year in DIFE with flying colours.

We will look forward to following their individual progression throughout 3rd Level and keeping in touch during that journey.  We also look forward to seeing them again in November for their Formal Graduation when they will receive their official QQI Awards.

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Finished Ceramics

Got a quick window of opportunity today after interviews to photograph some of the ceramic pieces the students made during their workshop recently.  The difference when they have been glazed and fired! Huge thanks again to local ceramic artist/designer Maureen Finn.


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10 year Exhibition of Fashion and Textiles is a huge success!


What a wonderful evening of reunions! Students past and present chatting together and sharing experiences. Parents of past and present students so proud of their offspring! We were overwhelmed by the turnout and the support and well wishes last Friday night in the Gallery in Listoke House, Ballymakenny Road, Drogheda.

There was a constant swarm of visitors and we found ourselves struggling to chat with everyone on the night. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of the last 10 years of Fashion and Textiles in the Drogheda Institute of Further Education and see how students have progressed in their careers. So many different roads taken and so many wonderful success stories.

We hope that each and every student that cross our studio doors have an experience that they will always remember in DIFE. We pride ourselves on taking you under our wings and preparing you for progression into the big bad world of industry. Every single students needs matter and we try and make their experience in DIFE one to remember.

We would like to thank everyone that exhibited work and to those that contributed in other ways to help on the night. It was a whirlwind of memories and emotions and we are so lucky to have had so many wonderfully talented and creative people to work with over the years. The long hours and late nights are worth it!

As we always remind you…remember us when you are rich and famous!!

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Tonight is the Night!


Hectic day yesterday getting ready for tonights Celebration of 10years of Fashion and Textiles in Drogheda Institute of Further Education! Huge thanks to all that helped us throughout the day and voluntarily gave their time to do so.  It is looking good!

The Gallery in Listoke has been transformed into a homage to all our wonderful alumni from the last 10years and showcases all the wonderful creative talent that has graced our studios.  It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in a career in Fashion and Textiles to see where this course can lead you and the career possibilities in this industry.

We are so fortunate as teachers to have had an amazing bunch of students over the last 10years and it was wonderful to see how dedicated and appreciative they all are.  We have been inundated with support and well wishes and are overwhelmed by the support of everyone that has contributed to this wonderful event.

Last minute touches and some beautifying to be done and lets just enjoy a wonderful evening to celebrate all the wonderful people that have entered the doors of DIFEs Fashion and Textile Department and made such a huge mark on our lives. We are very proud teachers! See you all later!

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Ceramic Workshop


We had the pleasure of having local Ceramic Artist Maureen Finn in the studio to facilitate a 3-day/morning workshop with the Art and Design Group B and Fashion students.  Maureen introduced them to various techniques on the 1st day using 2 different types of clay.  She also showed them how to build structures using different techniques and how to incorporate texture onto the clay.

Day 1 and some students knew exactly what they wanted to do! Day 2 was constructing finished pieces based on any inspiration of their choice.  Maureen will return when pieces have been fired and the students will learn about glazing and get the opportunity to glaze their pieces this week.

All students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was a welcome distraction from all the end of year assignments that are due this week! We will update the post when pieces have been glazed and fired.

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Black and White Texture Project

Sneak preview of some of the black and white embroidery samples that students are working on for the upcoming Exhibition in Listoke to celebrate 10years of Fashion and Textiles.  Students started this project by printing textures using random items covered in black paint.  These prints created wonderful textures that became the starting point for this project.  Students then had to interpret these textures using embroidery techniques that they have learned throughout the year.

Using a mix of hand and machine stitch and beading techniques each student will present a collection of samples for end of year.  It is a fantastic observational exercise as it gets the students to really look at the marks they made during the printing.  Translating these marks into fabric and stitch is not an easy thing to do!

Final samples will be framed as part of a group installation piece for the Exhibition in Listoke.  There will be lots more to see!

Exhibition is in The Gallery, Listoke, Ballymakenny Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth on the 11th May 2018 at 7.30pm and all are welcome to join us in celebrating a decade of Fashion and Textiles in DIFE.

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