Visual Merchandising Exercise


(Styling by Jennifer Reilly)

During this busy time getting portfolios ready for all the different colleges it was a nice treat for student Jennifer Reilly to play with styling products/items for a photo-shoot that she can use in her portfolio for DIT.

DIT have a course called Visual Merchandising and it has been a very popular course for progression for some of our portfolio students over the years.

The attraction of this course is that the employment opportunities are particularly high after completion.  Students gain employment in retail display/marketing/commercial display/set-design/styling for magazines etc.. Investment in this area can be high as companies wish to improve their sales so the Visual Merchandiser has a huge role to play in this regard.

Jennifer has multi disciplinary skills that range from Painting/Drawing/Design/3D Design/Colour Awareness/Textile Design and many more! She has a great work ethic and drive and determination and we would like to wish her all the best with her application to DIT.  They would be very lucky to have her on board.



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Ikea light designs

Art and Design Group B students are currently working on a light design that they will incorporate into their portfolios for DIT.  The DIT portfolio deadline is coming up on the 5th March and students are working hard at some extra design pages.  This is specifically aimed at the students interested in the Visual Merchandising course or the Interior Architecture course in DIT.

They had to research IKEA and develop design ideas based on a chosen theme in their portfolios.  Keeping in mind IKEA stock quite simple designs it was a challenge to stay on track with the brief.  Simplicity is key.

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Art Deco Inspired Project


The Art and Design Group B students are working on their Art Appreciation Project which is based on Art Deco.  They have to visually research all elements of Art Deco and create an inspiration board that will inspire them to design/create/make something contemporary in the Art Deco style.

They have looked at Art Deco Ceramics/Architecture/Graphic Posters/Fashion/Patterns and from that initial research they can develop any ideas that they like.  Some students are designing repeat patterns that can be used for wallpapers/fabrics.  Some are designing posters in a more Graphic approach.  Some are illustrating Fashion designs. There are some very interesting things happening!



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Collage Art: Urban Decay


(Work by Lyn Mohan)

The Art and Design(Group B) students were given the Theme of Urban Decay for their Collage Project.  They had to photograph a series of images that expressed what Urban Decay meant to them.  They then had the task to create a series of Collage pieces using various media to develop their work.

This work was then presented in their NCAD(National College of Art and Design) portfolios.  It gives the students the opportunity to explore alternative media while still developing their observation skills.  Most students approached this project with very different techniques and it showcases how diverse the possibilities of using Collage Techniques in your work can do.



(Work by Nadia Sherlock-Carter)


(Work by Aoife Brown)


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Woven Textiles for Fashion Design


(Design work by Sam Bennett)

The Fashion and Textile Design students have all designed and created a collection of Woven fabrics that would be suitable for the Fashion/Accessories Industry.  As part of their portfolios they produced a series of designs inspired by their hand woven fabrics.

(Design work by Sam Bennett)

Some students designed accessories which incorporated their fabrics and presented contemporary design concepts for their portfolio collections.

(Design work by Kyla Murray)

Students are currently preparing for a Black and White themed Embroidery project which they will start after Midterm.  This will be the basis for a collection of fabrics that can be used for the Fashion Industry.  It will also be the starting point for a collaborative group installation piece for end of year.


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NCAD deadline done!!


Huge congratulations to the Art and Design(Group B) and Fashion Design students that completed their portfolios for NCAD this week. They are on route to deliver their precious portfolios to The National College of Art and Design(NCAD) in Dublin today.

It has been a manic few days in the studio working towards this deadline and they have produced stunning portfolios.

We are extremely proud of them and wish them every success in their portfolio assessments.

It is the first of many portfolio drops but always an important one as it is the first.  The students will work towards DIT, IADT, GMIT, LSAD and even some UK colleges now.

It is a wonderful achievement for everyone and they have produced a fantastic body of work in their short time with us.  It is also a testament to their hard work and dedication to the courses and their determination to progress to 3rd Level.

We are very proud…and tired! tutors today and wish all our students every success at this exciting time.


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Designing Modern Day Princesses

(Illustrations by Aoife Brown)

We set one of the Art and Design Group B students a portfolio based project to redesign traditional Fairytale Princess Characters as she is particularly interested in Illustration and Animation.

She had to choose characters that she could transform into Modern Day characters that were contemporary and current.  She decided to design Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.

It allowed her to be imaginative within a structured brief and she documented her progression throughout.  It was important for her to evaluate her design development and how the characters were evolving and she received fantastic feedback from her interview in Ballyfermot were she has applied for their excellent Illustration course.

Aoife has also applied to NCAD for their new Illustration and Graphics course and IADT for their Animation course.  She has produced a fantastic portfolio of work which showcases her strengths in all areas of Art and Design and she should do especially well in portfolio assessments.  We wish her the very best of luck!

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